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Senior Phase



Presently the Senior Phase comprises of four class groups and learners are admitted into the phase from the age of 15.  These  learners either follow a functional prevocational or practical programmme.


The practical programme is similar to that offered in the Intermediate Phase and is age appropriate.  The aim is to equip learners with basic  self-help and self-care skills.


The functional prevocational programme incorporates literacy, numeracy, life skills and vocational skills.  In an attempt to teach vocational skills as part of the curriculum, learners are introduced to simulated or real work situations.  Educational tours of interests are undertaken to expose learners to the working world and to alleviate any fear or obstacle that may prevent the learner and/or parent from embracing the working world.


Presently, a group of learners are taken fornightly to Challenge, a sheltered workshop in Sherwood to reinforce work ethics taught at school.  The knowledge and experience gained in these sessions is invaluable as it has inspired  learners and parents to adopt a positive attitude towards the working world.


Learners in the Prevocational Group are taught skills which include hair care and beauty, domestic skills, catering, pottery, bead making, card making, basket weaving, gardening and car wash.  Basic entrepreneurial skills are introduced to encourage entrepreneurship.  Learners are also given the option to further their studies at Thekwini College in Cator Manor which has a wing designed for learners with special needs.


The Senior Phase is an important phase in the child’s schooling career.  Therefore every child is treated as an individual and with the support of all stakeholders, every child is given the opportunity to develop to his/her optimum so that the child will take his/her rightful place in society.