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Education for learners with Disabilities       TEL : 031 262 9095



NEWSLETTER –  January 2013




We would like to welcome everybody back from a restful break and we look forward to the year ahead.  We welcome Ms S Rao to the Junior Phase as our new teacher.






  • Our school day starts at 07H30 and finishes at 13h45.


  • SCHOOL BUS – Please ensure that you have the necessary contact details of the driver transporting your child to and from school.  You are required to inform the driver when your child has to be picked up after an absence from school.  Any changes or request regarding transporting must be made in writing via the communication book.


  • If you are transporting your child privately then the following would apply to you



  • You are requested to drop off your child with their respective teacher in the morning 
  • Should you arrive at school late, you are requested to go to reception and the relevant teacher will be notified.



~ If you arrive before 13h45 and are requesting to collect your     child early, then you must go to reception and the teacher will be notified via the intercom.

~ When you arrive at 13h45 to collect your child, you are required     to wait in the main car park as children will be waiting on the benches provided.


  • There is a communication book in every child’s bag.  Please check this book daily for messages from school and use this book to communicate with the class teacher. Please sign all  notices in this book.





  • There will be parent meetings in the 1st and 3rd term and reports will be sent to you at the end of the 2ND and 4th term.  Should you have any queries, you are welcome to make an appointment via the communication book.


  • Should you have a particular concern regarding your child, you may schedule a meeting with the school.  These meetings will be held on Mondays – Thursdays at 12h30.


  • UNIFORM – Details of a new service provider will be forwarded to you.


  • CLOTHES – Please send a spare set of clothes to school in your child’s bag.  All items of clothing and stationery must be clearly labelled with your child’s name.


  • TOYS & ELECTRONIC DEVICES – Please do not send any toys or electronic devices or cellular phones to school.  These are not allowed and the school will not be liable for any loss or damage.


  • LUNCH – You are encouraged to send a healthy packed lunch to school everyday (two sandwiches and a juice should be sufficient – as the school provides a lunch in the second break).  Chips, cool drink and chocolates are not allowed everyday except for a Friday which is our “treat day”.







Sport :

  • Junior Activity will be done on a Thursday morning.  Please ensure that your child comes dressed to school in our school’s sports kit :


  1. School Golf Shirt / T- Shirts
  2. Maroon School Shorts
  3. Takkies
  4. Cap / Hat if possible


           Please ensure that all items are clearly labelled with your child’s name.