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School Nurse




The school is staffed during school hours by a full time professional nurse.  The service rendered by a school nurse differs from that of a nurse employed in a hospital in several ways.  Regular contact with the same pupils throughout their school career allows for a better understanding and insight of the pupil and his medical condition.  Whereas some conditions are stable and require routine treatment, others are progressive in nature and require closer monitoring.


The duties of a school nurse include the following:

  1. Compiling of comprehensive medical files which include particulars of children from birth until the deviant condition is recognized and measures taken to have it diagnosed.
  2. Administering medication during school hours.
  3. Attending to injuries which occur during school hours.
  4. Arranging clinics for visiting doctors.
  5. Inspecting pupils for personal hygiene.
  6. Advising and guiding teachers and other staff members with regard to pupil’s health.
  7. Accompanying pupils to doctors for appointments.
  8. Participating in case conferences and following up recommendations of decisions taken.
  9. Taking children to various clinics as the needs arise eg. Dental Clinic at King George V Hospital
  10. Guiding and counseling learners.